Our 3 stars Hotel, "Nile Hotel Aswan" Welcome you to this new world of the Pharaoh's
The hotel has a very relaxed comforting Atmosphere located in the heart of the city where you get the chance to move easily to see every part of Aswan's magnificence.

With the unique location, our hotel gives one of the best views you might get in Aswan Where you see the magic of the Nile and watch cruises and sailing boats, and across the river, you can see the Tombs of the Nobles & the spectacular sunsets over the Nubian Desert.

We are close to the colorful local markets where you get the chance of buying the best handmade goods money can buy.

We also have our Bazaars within the hotel precincts where you can browse for local Nubian and Egyptian products.

Many people, both locals and visitors, love to stroll on the Nile bank in the cool of the evenings.


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