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Going Ductless With Your AC Replacement

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If you need to have your AC replaced, there are many options for more energy-efficient technology. Today, these options include ductless systems that cost less to install and are easier to maintain. With ductless AC, there are also many options for the heating and cooling needs of your home. The following options are some of the solutions that you want to consider for your AC replacement needs: 

Choosing the Size of Your Ductless AC to Meet the Cooling Needs of Your Home  

Just like with conventional air conditioning systems, your ductless air conditioning is going to need to be the right tonnage for the air conditioning needs of your home. This means that if there is not a large enough mini-split system available for your cooling needs, you may need to have more than one ductless unit installed to provide efficient air conditioning for your entire home. 

Options to Give Your Home A Zoned HVAC Design to Improve Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency  

Today, there are also many options to provide your home with efficient cooling using a zoned AC design. This is something that can also be done with ductless AC using mini-split systems, which have separate indoor air-handlers for the different areas or zones of your home.  

AC Heat Pumps and Options for Heating Your Home With a Ductless AC System   

Other options that you may want to consider for your air conditioning are heat pumps. Ductless AC with heat pump technology can be used for much more than just the cooling of your home. Ductless heat pumps can also work in reverse, providing your home with the heating you need during the cold winter months. if you do not use a heat pump for your cooling system, you are going to need alternative heating solution to keep your home warm during the winter months. 

The Outdoor Unit, Installation Location, and Improvements That Make Maintenance Easier  

It is also important to consider where the outdoor unit of your ductless AC is installed. These are often units that are mounted on exterior walls, but can also be on concrete pads like conventional systems. Choose a location that is protected from the outdoor elements, and consider improvements like an open-air enclosure to protect your condensing unit from wind, rain, and debris that can cause damage.  

These are some of the ductless AC options that you will want to consider when you need to replace your air conditioner. If you are ready to replace an outdated AC with a new ductless system, contact an air conditioning service and talk to them about some of these options for ductless AC in your home.