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Keep Your Home Cool By Paying Attention To Problems With Your Air Conditioner

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Investing in air conditioning installation can give you the comfortable air you need during the hot summer months. Once the air conditioning is installed, good maintenance will help keep your system running efficiently. Air filters should be changed monthly during periods of heavy use, while your system should also be serviced by a technician before the bulk of the cooling season begins. When your system is prepared for the hard work required to keep a home cool in summer, there will be less of a chance of a repair emergency. If you hear your system turning on and off, you find a leak, or you see ice on the back of your unit, it's time to have a technician come and see what is going on.

Short Cycling and Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is turning on and off without cooling down your home, there could be a number of issues going on. Your air conditioner short cycles if the air filters are clogged and your system gets too hot trying to get air through the nearly blocked air filters. It may short cycle if the refrigerant level is low because of a leak. If you have ice on your evaporator coils, this can cause your system to short cycle as well.

Leaks Coming From Your System

Your drain pan has a valve that can get clogged, causing water to build up and eventually start to flow into your home. If you find a water leak from your air conditioner, check to see if the drain is clogged. This is an easy fix and should be done before there is water damage to your home.

The Temperature Won't Get Cool Enough

If your air conditioner has been running frequently but your home isn't reaching a cool enough temperature, you may have a system that is too small to cover your whole house. The refrigerant levels may be low, or the thermostat could need to be replaced. Make sure that your air conditioner isn't turned to fan only, a common issue when the home isn't getting cool enough despite the air conditioner running all day.

When you pay attention to the little problems, such as odd noises, leaks, or short cycling, your air conditioning can be repaired so that it can cool off your home more efficiently. Take care of your air conditioning and you'll be able to stay cool throughout the summer.