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Why It's Worth Installing A Brand New Air Conditioner

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With the warmer weather finally starting to hit, you're likely thinking about your home's air conditioning. The current system that you have may be old and on its last legs, prompting a need to have the unit repaired or replaced. While you may not want to spend a lot of money on a new air conditioner, there can be many benefits to doing so. Consider the following reasons for air conditioning replacement:

To Get The Right Size Air Conditioner

Have you made some renovations to your home since you originally had the air conditioner installed? You may now be cooling additional square footage that wasn't there before. This can be from finally finishing your basement into a nice living space, or adding a new addition onto your home.

If you were not happy with how the air conditioner was cooling these spaces before, it is likely due to the air conditioner not being the correct size. The air conditioning was struggling to produce cold air to cover the new square footage of your home, causing the unit to run longer than it needed to and put more wear and tear on the components.

Getting a new air conditioner allows you to get a unit that is the proper size. It will be more powerful and capable of producing more cold air for total home coverage. It can really help your home feel more comfortable in your new spaces, and no longer cause you to depend on additional cooling appliances.

To Get Improved Energy Efficiency

You may be surprised at how far the technology behind air conditioning has come over the years. Central air conditioning units are now wasting less electricity to create cool air, leading to savings each month on your energy bills. You can compare the energy efficiency between units by looking at the SEER rating; a high number is going to result in greater energy efficiency.

However, you may not always want to go with the most energy-efficient air conditioner that you can find. An efficient air conditioner will cost more money up front in exchange for long-term savings. If you are replacing your air conditioner at a summer home that is only used part-time, you may not recuperate the cost due to not using the air conditioning that frequently.

Not sure about what air conditioner to install at your home? Reach out to an HVAC contractor for assistance.