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Is Your Furnace Still In Good Condition After The Winter?

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Your furnace has done its job this winter, but did it do as well as it should have? Unfortunately, heating furnaces can heat the home even when there are minor problems occurring. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you determine if your furnace is in need of maintenance or repair.

Audit your Utility Bills

No matter what energy source powers your heating system, you'll be able to learn how much energy was used to heat the home this past winter.

Get your utility bills out for the past 12 months. Don't look at the cost of the bill but, instead, look at the usage for each month. Many utility companies provide you with this information right online. You'll be able to check your usage by the month or year and determine if the actual amount that has been used has increased. You don't want to go by the cost of the utility for the year because the cost of each unit will vary from year to year or even month to month.

Once you've gathered the usage data, you also need to check the average temperature for the season. Again, many utility companies will provide you that information right on their website, but others may not — you'll have to go Google the average weather temp for the winter season in your area — for this past season and the season prior. If it's been colder this year than it was the previous year, then yes, you will have used more energy to heat your home.

If you notice an extreme spike in the use of energy for the past year, there's likely a problem that will need to be addressed. There could be a simple problem, such as a dirty filter that has caused the system to use more energy.

Call a Professional

Heating system malfunctions aren't anything to ignore, so if you have any doubt that your system is fully functioning, you should have a professional come out and service the system entirely. If you were to continue using a furnace that isn't operating properly, you're not only going to continue to use more energy, but you're putting yourself and those that live in your home at risk. There could be carbon monoxide leaking into your home or even gas that could explode at any time.

Don't ignore the smallest sign that there's a potential issue with your heating system. Call an HVAC technician today about heating furnace repair.