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4 Energy Saving Myths To Avoid This Winter

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Everyone likes saving money on their utility bills, especially as the winter closes in and energy costs rise with increased heating demands. But in the search for more ways to alleviate those costs, you might stumble on a few myths surrounding energy use. There are plenty of good reasons why these energy saving myths are just that, as you'll find out below.

Cranking Up Your Thermostat Heats Your Room Faster

Contrary to popular belief, raising your thermostat temperatures won't heat your home faster. That's because furnaces tend to deliver heat at a constant rate regardless of where thermostat temperatures are set. Nevertheless, it's a common myth that leads countless homeowners to waste energy and money.

Instead of cranking up your thermostat, you're better off just patiently waiting for your furnace to bring your room up to your desired temperature. If your room needs additional heat, you should consider using a supplemental heat source, such as a cove heater or radiant ceiling panels.

Constant Heat at a Low Setting Saves Energy

Another common myth that's gotten plenty of unwarranted traction is that keeping the heat on all day at the lowest possible setting can save you money. However, there are a couple of good reasons why this myth is flawed:

  • Your home already does a good job at retaining heat, even long after you've turned it off. Sealing off sources of drafts and improving your home's insulation is just two ways of improving heat retention.
  • There's no need to keep an unoccupied room constantly heated, which is what happens when you leave the heat on all day long.

For those reasons, you're better off using your heat only as needed instead of leaving it on all day long.

Closed Vents Reduce Energy Usage

Many homeowners also believe that closing off air vents in rooms that are unoccupied can help reduce energy use and subsequently lower utility costs. In reality, closing off vents can throw your home's air balance out of whack, causing your furnace to work harder to provide the same level of comfort as before. In turn, this actually causes your heating system to waste more energy.

Fireplaces Keep Your Room Warm

You'd think that the roar of an open fire inside your fireplace would keep your room warm just as well as any furnace would. The problem comes in the form of your fireplace's damper. An open damper lets smoke escape into the chimney, but it can also let cold outside air come through.

For this reason, using your fireplace to keep your room warm becomes a catch-22 of sorts. While the immediate area around your fireplace remains warm, the rest of your room may actually get colder over time.

If you need help separating fact from fiction when it comes to your heating system, contact an HVAC company like A & A Service Company.