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Wood Pellet Boiler Systems: An Intro For Curious Homeowners

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If you are looking to break away from a reliance on oil, gas, or electricity as your primary heating source, there is a good chance that you will come across modern wood-burning alternatives in heat systems. Perhaps one of the most popular in modern times is the wood pellet boiler system. To get to better know these modern systems, here is a look at some of the most common questions and the answers you will want to know if you are considering making a change. 

What exactly is a modern wood pellet heat system?

This relatively new home heating system combines the fueling power of compressed wood particles and the traditional ideas of the boiler that was once a primary heat system type in residential homes. Unlike regular pellet stoves, which require manual placement of pellets inside of the burning cavity as needed, these boiler systems actually offer an automatic feed that supplies the pellets from a reservoir or holding area. The burning pellets heat water, which is then pumped throughout the house in radiant water lines or to radiators.

Will switching to a wood pellet boiler system mean all new lines if you already have a boiler?

In most cases, the answer to this will be no. Most modern boiler systems that are powered by a wood pellet burning system have interchangeable connections as far as the lines are concerned. Therefore installation is usually a pretty seamless process. 

What are some advantages of a modern wood pellet burning system?

By switching to wood pellets as your primary heating fuel, you get a handful of benefits and advantages, including:

  • a more stable price for the fuel you need to keep your home warm
  • a low-maintenance system which does not require a lot of attention from you as the homeowner
  • a lower carbon footprint for your home because wood pellets are a natural, renewable resource
  • an elimination of reliance on public utilities for your home heating needs

Where can you get the wood pellets that are necessary to fuel your heat system?

Wood pellets are available in abundance across the country because they are crafted from a resource which is available pretty much everywhere: wood. Because the pellets last so long and can be stored in a holding area on your property, you can order the pellets inn bulk quantities and have them delivered right to your home in most areas. Talk to a contractor, like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc, for more help.