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AC Temperature Not Consistent? What Could Be Wrong & Cooling Tips

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Your air conditioner system is supposed to give you complete control over the temperature in your home. But this power is not promised, especially if you have failed to have your AC serviced regularly. The following guide may show you why your AC isn't cooling your house as it should and what you can do about it.

What Could Be Wrong With Your AC?

The following are just some things that may cause your home to cool unevenly:

Vents Issue

One of the simplest problems to solve is if the issue lies with your cooling vents. Check to see if the rooms that are not cooling correctly have a partly closed, obstructed, or completely closed vent. Just open the vents, or remove the obstructions, and the issue should be resolved.

Deeper Vent Issue

The problem could be an obstruction of air circulation somewhere inside of your ventilation system. You can check to see if the air filter needs to be replaced, and replace it using this link. Or you can go outside to your outdoor AC unit, and clean your evaporator coils (a grill covering the unit) using an evaporator coil cleaner. You can get this cleaner kit from your local hardware store.

Disconnected Air Ducts

Most air ducts are around your attic, so inspect them and see if any are disconnected. These air ducts help transport the cooled air to different areas in your home; so make sure you reconnect any loose air ducts that you see.

Tips to Keep the AC-deficient Rooms Cool

The problem may be more complicated than just ventilation obstructions; it could be related to a bad motor among other things. You need to talk to your air conditioner specialist if you believe the problem is bigger than you can handle.

Consider some of the following to keep cool even with a bad AC until you can make an appointment with your air conditioner system specialist:

  • Use dark curtains, especially UV deflecting curtains to help cool the rooms that are not cooling well.
  • Look for air leaks or holes in the wall that may be making it harder for your struggling AC to keep you cool.
  • Open doors to let air enter the rooms that are not cooling properly, and close the door when the room finally reaches a comfortable temperature.

Of course, you can also use a fan, but understand that these solutions are only temporary. So make sure that you talk to your AC specialist as soon as you can.