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Maintaining Your Oil Furnace: Getting Ready For The Cold

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When you purchase your first home, you may not know all of the maintenance details of every home appliance and device in your new home. And, if you moved in the spring or summer, you likely paid little attention to your home's furnace other than the fact that it has one. So, when fall rolls around and you take a closer look at your furnace to realize your heating system uses oil, you may not know how to handle the situation. Get to know some of the best ways to maintain your oil furnace in order to ensure that it is ready to go when the weather turns cold. 

Check To See If The Furnace Fires Up

First things first, when you are ready to check your oil furnace to ensure it will be ready when the weather changes, you will want to fire up your heat. So, flip your thermostat to heat and make sure you turn up the temperature to anything higher than the current temperature in your home. 

Head to your furnace room and wait a few minutes for the system to switch on. Once your blowers start going, hold your hand near a vent to be sure the air is sufficiently warm. Listen for any strange noises like clicking, clanging, and thudding. If everything seems to be in order, you will likely be good to go.

Make A Few Corrections If The Furnace Doesn't Work

When you try to test out your oil furnace and it doesn't turn on within a few minutes, the first thing you will want to do is double-check your thermostat. Ensure that everything is set correctly, and if it is battery-operated, try changing the batteries. 

If adjustments to the thermostat do not work, your next step will be to check your furnace fuel oil. To do this, be sure you have turned your furnace off. Then locate your fuel gauge and the tank. 

Even if the gauge shows that your furnace oil is full, you will want to check the tank as well. Sometimes the gauge is damaged or somehow disconnected and your oil may deplete in the meantime. 

If these basic corrections do not do the trick, it is best to call an oil repair specialist to take over. Major oil furnace repairs are rare, but can be quite complex to complete. Now that you have a few ideas about the ways that you can maintain your oil furnace, you can get started before the weather changes.