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24 Repair Emergencies: Save Your Outdoor AC Unit Immediately After A Flood

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If your area is suddenly hit by a summer flood, and your outdoor air conditioning system sustains damage, you may wonder if you can save it. Although flood waters can create a host of mechanical problems in your cooling system, you may have a chance to save the outdoor unit if you act fast. Once you take the right precautions with your outdoor unit, contact your 24-hour air conditioning service for repairs. Here are things to do right now that help protect your outdoor AC unit from permanent disrepair.

Check the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is the most vulnerable part of your cooling system. Not only is the unit exposed to flooding water first, it's also vulnerable to bugs and other outdoor hazards after the water subsides around the property. You want to check the outdoor unit immediately after it's safe to do so. Here's what you do:

  • Disconnect your cooling system's power source at the fuse box or breaker box. Always keep safety in mind when working in your cooling system. 
  • Check the unit for loose, sparking wires that may injure you. If you notice problems, stop all actions and contact your 24-hour AC repair technician. Otherwise, proceed to the next step but use precaution as you check the inside of the outdoor unit. .
  • Examine the fan to see if it's obstructed by dead animals, sticks, wires, insects, leaves, and other debris. If you feel comfortable enough, place protective gloves on your hands, remove the covering over the fan, then clean away the debris stuck on the fan and inside the unit.

Avoid touching any debris that appears sharp or dangerous or you risk injuring your fingers and hands. If you notice live snakes crawling inside the unit after the flood, contact wildlife control to remove the reptiles. 

Don't spray pesticides directly into the unit or it's parts to kill mosquitoes, biting gnats and other bugs. The oils from the chemicals may permanently damage the unit. 

Examine the Foundation Around the Outdoor Unit

The cement foundation around the outdoor unit can bog down with water and collapse. If this happens, you may have a hard time saving the unit. You want to reinforce the cement supporting your outdoor unit as much as possible with strong plywood. 

Look for weak areas of soil around the base of the unit. If the foundation appears wet or muddy, have someone help you slide one or two pieces of plywood beneath the unit to keep it from sinking into the ground or falling over. Follow this step to secure all areas around the cement foundation.

After you complete both steps above, cover the unit with canvas or some other water-proof material to keep it clean and secure. Once your 24-hour AC technician arrives, they'll repair the unit.

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