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Addressing 3 Concerns About Air Duct Cleaning Services

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The air ducts that are a central part of your home's HVAC system are definitely a critical component. They take the forced air that the system supplies and appropriately distribute it throughout your home to keep you warm and cool. Even though valuable, air ducts can leave you vulnerable as well. If the ducts are outdated or damaged, they can easily be exposed to mold, dust, and allergens on the inside.

Because the duct system works with flowing air, this means that these contaminants could easily make their way into the air you breathe indoors. Here are a few of the most common questions homeowners usually have about air duct cleaning. 

How long will it take to have the ducts in your home professionally cleaned?

This will rely heavily on the size of your system and the type of problem that is present in the ducts. For example, cleaning for possible mold contamination could take a long time, but a simple clean out of dust and debris may only take a few hours. 

Should you leave the house while the ducts are being cleaned?

The professional that works to clean your ducts will use various methods to try to keep dust and debris from being littered throughout your home while they clean, such as plastic partitions and commercial vacuum systems. However, it is almost impossible to eliminate every fine particle that becomes airborne in the process.

If you are especially sensitive to dust or have existing breathing problems, it may be best for you to have a relative sit in on the job while you stay outdoors or somewhere else. 

Is it true that there are scams revolving around air duct cleaning services?

There were a few reports in 2014 from worthy news channels warning homeowners about specific companies offering to clean air ducts. One company in particular was revealed by a former employee who stated that the company purposely targeted elderly homeowners, telling them they had mold issues, but never really doing a sloppy job and collecting hefty payments. To make sure that the contractor or company representative that you employ to clean your ducts is legit you should

  • Make sure the company has an established history or record within the community. 
  • Ask for proof of company licenses to operate in the state where you live.
  • Check reviews with the Better Business Bureau.

When it comes down to it, keeping the air ducts in your home clean as a senior is definitely important. Just be sure you find a reliable contractor who can help you if you believe that your ducts are indeed in need of some time and attention.