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Installing A New Bathroom In Your Home? Two Ways To Cut Your Plumbing Costs

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No matter how big a home is, it always seems that there aren't enough bathrooms to accommodate the needs of the entire family. If your home suffers from this problem, a bathroom addition is a solution. When embarking on this type of project, plumbing is typically a large expense and this is often enough to scare homeowners away. However, there are ways to keep your plumbing costs low while still getting quality craftsmanship and the bathroom of your dreams.

Work Around Existing Plumbing

One way to keep your project costs lower is to work around the existing plumbing in your home. It's much easier to add the necessary plumbing for your new bathroom if the bones of your plumbing system, such as a water line, are nearby. For example, say you wanted to add a half bath in your home. Your two options are off from the kitchen or off from the living room.

More than likely, it would be easier to access the existing plumbing lines near the kitchen because there is already plumbing going through the area. The likelihood that there is sufficient access to plumbing already in the living room is lower. The easier it is for the plumber to hook up the necessary plumbing for the new space, the lower your cost. Always consider access to existing plumbing when you're trying to determine where to add your bathroom.

Upgrade Early

If your plans in the near future include upgrading an existing bathroom in your home, it makes more sense to do so at the same time you perform the new addition. Recognizing the savings with this tip requires you to think about long-term costs, rather than just short-term. Doing this can save you in two ways. First, a plumber in your area would likely be more willing to give you a discount for completing multiple projects at one time instead of performing them at separate times.

Secondly, you can save on material costs. For example, say you have a standard size tub that's in good condition, but you plan to upgrade to a spa tub. You can save money by having the old tub installed in the new bathroom. Instead of paying for the cost of a new standard tub and a spa tub, you only have to purchase one of them.

With a little creative thinking on your part, saving money on plumbing costs for your new bathroom addition is a realistic possibility.