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Duct Cleaning FAQ

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Duct cleaning services can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system while preventing dust and debris from clogging airways, clinging to mechanical parts of your air conditioner and furnace, and lowering your indoor air quality. Yet many homeowners don't know much about duct cleaning, or why they should seek these services. Knowing more about duct cleaning services will help you decide if duct cleaning is right for you and will help you pick the right duct cleaning company for your needs. 

How can I tell if my ducts need to be cleaned?

If your ducts need to be cleaned, you can most easily tell by removing the cover over the duct and shining a flashlight into the duct. If your ducts are dirty, you'll probably see a soft layer of dust covering the interior of the duct like a blanket. Of course, some dirt, debris and mold can be hidden inside your ducts without being seen, so even ducts that appear to be relatively clean can still benefit from duct cleaning services. Other indications that your ducts need to be cleaned include:

  • Odor coming from the ducts when the HVAC system is running.
  • Dust inside your home becomes worse when the HVAC system is on.
  • Turning on your HVAC system exacerbates your allergies.

If you suspect that your ducts need to be cleaned, contact a duct cleaning service to have your ducts professionally inspected. Duct cleaning services use various technologies, including cameras, that can conduct a more thorough and accurate inspection of your ducts. 

How often should I get my ducts cleaned?

There is no recommended schedule for cleaning ducts. Duct cleaning can improve your indoor air quality and can also improve your HVAC system's overall efficiency. If your system is running inefficiently, your indoor air quality is not up to your standards or if the state of your ducts seem to be causing other problems in your household, then it's a good time to get your ducts professionally inspected. 

What criteria should I use to pick a duct cleaning service?

Beware of companies that offer deals that are too good to be true. Some sources say that duct cleaning services should cost between $300 and $500, but this number can vary somewhat by region, by house size and so on. Companies that offer the lowest prices possible are unlikely to offer the best services. Pick a company that has a good reputation in your community, positive ratings on the BBB website, and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

How long does duct cleaning take?

After the initial consultation, duct cleaning is typically finished in one afternoon. Your duct cleaning company will schedule your appointment and tell you how much time to allow for the entire process. 

For more information about duct cleaning, contact a reputable and reliable duct cleaning company in your area.