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Your Furnace Went Out And You Have Puppies Getting Cold: 3 Ways To Help Them Stay Warm

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If it's cold outside and your furnace has broken, you're going to need to find creative ways to keep warm. If you have young puppies, you're also going to need to keep them warm. Puppies are particularly susceptible to cold weather. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to help your puppies stay warm.

Hot Water Bottles

You're going to need to prevent your puppies from losing valuable body heat. An easy way to do that is to use hot water bottles. If you don't have an actual hot water bottle, you can make one.

How to Make a Hot Water Bottle

Fill a heavy-duty zip lock baggie with hot water and seal it. Place that bag inside another zip lock bag. Seal that bag and then place a strip of duct tape along the seal. Wrap the bags in a lightweight towel and place it inside the bed with your puppies.

Homemade Heating Pads

Heating pads are another easy way to help keep your puppies warm when the heater goes out. These can also be made out of items that you probably already have at home -- they are easy to make. The great thing about them is that once your furnace is working again, you can use the heating pads for yourself.

How to Make a Heating Pad

Fill an old sock with uncooked rice or beans. Tie a knot in the end of the sock. Place the sock in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes. Remove the sock from the microwave and place it in with your puppies. Reheat the sock whenever it cools down.

Miniature Space Heaters

If your puppies don't want to sit still long enough to get warmed by the hot water bottle or the heating pad, you can make a miniature space heater. This space heater will work well to heat a small room, such as a bathroom or service porch.

How to Make a Miniature Space Heater

Place 4 or 5 tea light candles in the bottom of a cake pan. Light the candles and then place a clay pot over the candles. Tip the pot up slightly so that one side of it rests on the edge of the cake pan. This will allow the heat to escape from around the base of the pot. Leave the top of the pot open so that it acts like a small chimney for the heat.

If your furnace has gone out, you need to stay warm. If you have small puppies, they're depending on you for warmth, as well. These simple tips will help keep your puppies warm until the furnace can be repaired by professionals like Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.