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Uneven Heating And Cooling: How To Make Sure Your Entire Home Is The Perfect Temperature

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One of the most annoying things during the winter or summer for many homeowners is uneven temperatures throughout the home. After all, you don't want to be chilly in the living room and then head to the bedroom and burn up. Even temperatures throughout the home are crucial to peace in the family and comfortable living. Luckily, it is possible to regulate the temperature in all rooms of your home with this step-by-step process:

1. Locate All Return Air Vents And Ensure The Area Is Clear.

Your home's ductwork not only pushes cold and hot air into the rooms of your home, but it also pulls the cold and hot air out. The ones that pull the air are called return vents and do not feature any type of lever to control the flow of the air. You need to locate these return vents and make certain that there is nothing blocking these return vents. Otherwise, you could be causing the area to cool and heat unevenly.

2. Open All Vent Registers In The Home.

If clearing the area around the return vents do not fix the problem, then you need to go around the home and ensure that all of the other vents, which are called registers, are completely open. Once this has been done, set the home's thermostat to your desired ideal temperature.

3. Make Adjustment To The Coolest/Hottest Room First.

Find the room in the house that seems to always be the coldest or hottest in the entire home. Locate the register vent and shut it halfway. Hold off for a little while, maybe an hour or so, and inspect the temperature of the room once again. If it is still too hot or too cold, then shut it halfway again. Once you get this room at your desired temperature, you can move on the next room.

4. Make Adjustments To All Of The Rooms In The Home.

Continue following the advice from Step 3 until all of the rooms in the home are at a desirable temperature. Ultimately, the trick here is that you are reducing airflow to the hottest and coldest rooms of the home, which frees up more air to travel into the rooms that aren't as hot or cold.

If you have gone through all of the above and are still experiencing difficulty maintaining the right temperature throughout the home, it may be time to have your home zoned. This will help you control how cold or hot separate rooms are throughout the home. An HVAC specialist like Daryl's Heating & Air Inc can schedule a consultation and provide more information about home zoning.